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Happy New Year, Friend!

The Ford Amphitheatre may be under construction, but our staff is still working hard on our resolution to expand and improve the programs you love. We sat down with programing staff members Ilaan Mazzini and Jennifer Fukutomi-Jones and asked them to give us the inside scoop on the work they do with the Ford’s public engagement programs (like, what is public engagement anyway?):

The term “public engagement” can mean different things for different organizations. What does public engagement mean to the Ford?
Ilaan Mazzini: It’s giving our audience more choice in how they can participate with the performing arts – beyond just being spectators. It’s also a mutual exchange: less giving and taking and more sharing.

Why are these kinds of participatory programs so important?
IM: Everybody has a different comfort level. Some people want to try everything and some people want to sit and watch. If we can customize or respond in a way that makes more people feel comfortable participating in the arts, that to me would be successful. Our goal is to create a way for everyone to tap into their creative spirit.
Jennifer Fukutomi-Jones: In LA, there are so many different cultures. It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to understand even just a little bit more about each other.

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